Under The Covers: OneRepublic’s Secrets

Okay, so this week’s Under The Covers might be a little old school for you guys. OneRepublic’s Secrets was my obsession for a good couple of months back when I heard it. Here’s my top 5 covers of the song!

1. Nick Gardner’s Mashup of Secrets with Someone Like You

Back in 2010, Nick Gardner – who’s an absolutely fantastic Youtube cover artist with a voice people would kill for – performed this rendition of Someone Like You by the amazing Adele and OneRepublic’s Secrets. Both songs are great on their own, but together Nick created the ultimate ballad. Okay, so this isn’t a full version of Secrets, BUT IT’S SO GOOD!

2. Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – ThePianoGuys Orchestral Cover

I’m a sucker for orchestral covers. This is has instruments that I am not able to name you, but they look super fancy. It’s absolutely beautiful, no other words to describe it. Check it out!

3. Nikita Dao’s Cover

This girl’s voice is pretty amazing. She has so much control over her vocals that it just makes you insanely jealous. Not to mention that she’s amazing at piano! Her cover is fantastic.

4. Maddi Jane’s Cover

Maddi Jane is a Youtube cover artist that is only 14 years old. What were you doing at 14? Probably not getting a million and plus viewers on Youtube with almost every video you put out. This chick is talented, wishing her nothing but success in her future.

5. Jayesslee’s Cover

Duets are always fun, watch these girls sing their hearts out. And be amazed by the girl in the orange shirt’s guitar skills!

Cathy is our residential Canadian writer at MusicSkins. Currently enrolled at Concordia University, she’s underway to getting her degree in Communications Studies. A huge pop punk fan, Cathy revolves her work around music. Check out her interviews and photos, and find her on Twitter… if you can.

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