Coldplay & Rhythms Del Mundo premieres Viva La Vida (Africa Mix)!

Yes that’s right. Coldplay and Rhythms Del Mundo teamed up to make Viva La Vida (Africa Mix). Before I go more in depth with this awesome collaboration, let me introduce you to Rhythms Del Mundo!

Rhythms Del Mundo are a band made up of Afro-Cuban musicians who have a series of nonprofit projects intended to raise awareness for climate change and disaster relief in conjunction with Artists Project Earth (APE). Their latest album, Rhythms Del Mundo Africa, features artists such as Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay.

Coldplay‘s amazing song, Viva La Vida has been remixed by Rhythm Del Mundo‘s latest album Africa. While comparing the original Viva La Vida with the recent Africa mix made by Rhythms Del Mundo, it gives a whole new cultural kick! As a big fan of memorizing every word to Viva La Vida when it first came out, I enjoyed this Africa mix very much and I’m sure a lot of Coldplay fans will too! This is not the first time Rhythms Del Mundo and Coldplay collaborated. Featured in Rhythms Del Mundo‘s 2006 album, Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba, they worked on a new version of Clocks, by Coldplay and sounds absolutely amazing!

While waiting patiently for Rhythms Del Mundo‘s Africa album to be released this year on November 20th, you can enjoy the Viva La Vida (Africa Mix) music video on VEVO.

At first, I was really confused with this music video because it featured an alien finding a spaceship and flying to Earth. As the video continued, the alien was witnessing deforestation in several countries, natural disasters such as hurricanes occurring on the coasts in numerous countries and drought happening in some regions of Africa. Many of us know that these unfortunate events happen throughout the world, however this video and the music is raising awareness that these events are still happening to this very day!

So how can YOU help?? Well…

BUY THIS ALBUM! You’ll be receiving something tangible and enjoyable in return while helping great causes! Sales of Rhythm Del Mundo’s Africa album will be supporting projects that will be tackling the issues of climate change, natural disasters, drought, and much more. You can even pre-order on iTunes right now before the November 20th release date. Value Rhythms Del Mundo’s work on addressing climate change and environmental justice while jamming out to Coldplay and many more of your favorite artists featured in the Rhythm Del Mundo’s Africa album.

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