CMJ Takes New York x Day 1


I’m coming to you live, not from the Union Square Ballroom, but from my bed because this marks the end of the first day of CMJ (College Music Jam). If you didn’t already know this is a LIVE 5 day event full of panels, Q & As, interviews and, best of all, shows.

Z!NGRevolution, being the superstars that we are, have skinned the Union Square Ballroom in it’s entirety from floor to ceiling AND are working on make sure everyone there is skinned too, well their phones at least! Not only have we “skinned” the event, but we’re sponsors of everything going down. What’s my favorite part? I get to hang out in the artist lounge and interview all of the bands and artists that come through. Your favorite part? We’re giving you everything we get.

told you, we saw it ALL from right here...

The first day was how all first days go, a little hectic, a little chaotic, a couple altercations with a lamp, but all in all really exciting. My adrenaline was racing all morning as I got amped up for my first few interviews, being as it is not exactly something I’ve ever been trained to do, but after a few (maybe a few too many) Americanos from the BEST bartenders on the west side (no seriously, these guys took care of me all day, literally feeding me espresso) I was ready to take on anyone.

Thanks to our awesome PR group, Workmen Entertainment & PR, we got ahold of some great up and coming artists. Our first interview was with the lovely Rachel Brown who really was lovely and broke my “interviewing ice,” so to say, very nicely. A Harvard grad/singer-songwriter who has a lot to look forward to, she told us about how important it is to write your own music and how excited she is about what’s in the future for her music career.

Then we got to talk to Sandbox, and let me just say, these guys (and girl!) we’re SO much fun. We joked back and forth, considering the drummer is also a stand up comedian, and talked about what they were looking forward to at CMJ. I also learned about a few new superhero powers they would choose to have, hmmm…..

After a little break a ton of international artists flooded the lounge like Capsula, The East Asian Revolution (which my Filipino partner fan girl-ed [or boy-ed?] over), Blaudzen, and SO many more. I obviously won’t indulge you with all the details now because then you’ll have nothing to anticipate when the videos come out! So watch for our ZINGMeTV interviews, because they’ll be rolling in soon!

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