CMJ x Day 3

We’re a little behind getting you the recap of day 3 of CMJ because there’s just so much going on, so we’re combining day 3 with day 4 and telling you about both. After all going to showcases Tuesday night, we we’re all dragging a little, but MailChimp coffee kept us going with constant coffee all day.

I was back into my interview swing and had a constant flow of awesome bands to talk to. Apollo Run started us off with tons of energy. We had a lot of fun with these guys talking about people who are afraid of mayonnaise (yep you read that right, mayo), and roller costars. They definitely set us off on the right foot and were the perfect way to start our Thursday.

While I did miss lunch during our interview, it was well worth it and I got my hands on their new LP Here There Be Dragons III which we will be reviewing for you guys next week, and let me give you a little sneak peek since I’ve already listened to it, it’s really, really good.

We talked to Motive next who were a very dapper trio of men in suits, who wouldn’t tell us why they were wearing suits and said the answer was in their latest music video for their single “It’s Illicit.” So now, I’m going to watch it and leave it here for you to watch.

After chatting with Motive we talked to The Trouble with Templeton, a super sweet duo from Australia, whose name I could not say right for the life of me and if i had a most embarrassing CMJ moment, that was it. I’m sure you will all get to watch me struggle on our unforgiving bloopers reel.

We rounded Thursday out with The Skins, a band made up of 13 to 19 year olds with music tastes from Led Zeppelin to Missy Elliott. I was crazy jealous of the two girls I was talking to from the band since they are younger than me and leading such a fun life doing what they love to do.

OH, and then Adrian Grenier decided to stroll through the artist lounge as the drummer of The Honey Brothers, not Ari Gold of Entourage. And I died. He wasn’t doing interviews which was probably better off since all the only questions I could come up with revolved around Britney Spears, Melissa Joan Hart, and the 1999 classic Drive Me Crazy.

Percentage of my voice that was left: 64%

Times my computer refused to download all of the footage: 4

Cups of coffee consumed: I lost count

I ended my Thursday at Terminal 5 to see the much anticipated Walkmen show. Every time I end up at Terminal, I realize why I never go. Besides the fact that it seems to be the only venue that is SO far from my apartment (that’s just me being dramatic), but I just really hate the layout. There is a floor that the main stage is on, and then two other balconies. I’m pretty short, so seeing is always and issue here.

Either way The Walkmen played an amazing set, that I was able to see from a screen. From new songs like “Line by Line” and “The Love You Love,” to old favorites and an encore that included “138th Street,” “Louisiana,” “The Rat,” and “We’ve Been Had,” they did not leave the crowd disappointed. Quite the opposite actually.

I’ll have day 4 and a review of the Barcelona set at Rockwood Music Hall (that I’m currently getting ready for) up for you tomorrow!

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