Bob Marley’s Message in a Bottle

The other day I stopped at the deli after work to get something to drink. I was a little parched, what can I say? So whilst at the deli, I stumble across this little gem, Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite. This iced tea lemonade hybrid claims to mellow you out in a way that is completely legal in all 50 states. Plus, it has Bob Marley on the bottle, and he seems pretty happy.

As one of those people who takes pride in her willingness to try new things, I completed my purchase and went on my merry way. The results? Deliciousness!
This twist on a mix of  classic beverages calls itself “lite” but doesn’t have nearly as much of a “diet-y” taste as similar products. As far as it’s “mellowing” effects, that is a bit more difficult to determine. I definitely felt more mellow after drinking it, and it could have been because of the beverage, but it also could have been because I had just worked all day, or because I’m a sucker for the placebo effect. Then again, the company thinks that the drink’s mellowing power is so strong, it warrants a warning not to mix with alcohol. Further experimentation may be required for a solid determination on that one. Although, I want it on the record that I take bottle warnings quite seriously and refuse to defy them.
In the end, it was a worthwhile purchase and I definitely felt more connected with Mr. Marley than I had in a while. Whether it was because of the drink or a productive work day, I knew that I didn’t need to worry because “every little thing is gonna be alright.” (Sorry. Had to.)
Now for the shameless promotion and cheesy connection – Why not pair this “mellow” drink with some munchies like Dots or Tootsie Rolls. Sorry! Again, had to!

Julia Cuozzo is a grad student at Pace University pursuing a Masters in Publishing. Though the future is uncertain, the one thing she knows is that in August 2013, she will be in Bunol, Spain, throwing tomatoes with some of the best tomato throwers in the world. She is also a huge fan of coffee and finds decaf to be an abomination.

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