Boardwalk Empire: The Pony

I watch Boardwalk Empire every Sunday night. It’s a great show and I’ve always been a Steve Buscemi fan. Plus, I’m a native of South Jersey which makes me love the show even more. This last week’s episode left me with my jaw dropped and though I’ve given you all a good five days to watch, I can keep my silence no more. Therefore, I issue this very official SPOILER ALERT, because it was amazing all the way up to the last second.

Alright, let’s start with Nucky talking to Andrew Mellon in NYC. If you have no idea who Andrew Mellon was, and he was a very real person, I will give you the quick description. Ever hear of Carnegie Mellon University? He’s the Mellon. After Nucky sneaks into the club with his business proposal, and Mellon seems to blow him off, in the end that deal seems to have been brokered.

I’m giving the briefest rundown on Van Alden because this wife of his is fascinating compared to the last one, but this storyline hasn’t quite bloomed yet. Believe me, he has been wandering into darker territory, and yet I find him much more likable now that he isn’t hiding from society behind the Volstead Act or the Bible. Maybe it was that odd smile that he had when he made dorm-style grilled cheese with that guy’s face. (By dorm-style, I mean using an iron because you don’t have a stove) His wife is also interesting. The au pair, turned mother, turned wife, turned murder accomplice, turned home brewing bootlegger has obviously illustrated her versatility and yet we know very little about her. Monitoring this one, for sure.

Nucky’s Season 3 mistress, Billie, who I have been trying not to like because of my fan loyalty to Margaret, mentioned Newburgh, NY. As the place that was my home for four years of undergrad and the recession-induced gap year that I took, I couldn’t help but think “Ok, Billie, maybe I don’t hate you because you and I have literally lived in the same three places a la South Jersey, Newburgh, and NYC, and culturally, these places are very different from each other. Now, we are practically kindred.” She also spoke of “shleping all the way to Queens” which is where I live now. Ok, Billie, you aren’t nearly as annoying as the last show girl. Besides, as much as I love Margaret, she’s been doing her thing with Owen Slater. I’m pretty sure that’s why she was trying to get herself a diaphragm.

Gillian, Jimmy’s mom, is kind of a functional psychopath, isn’t she? Aside from her incestuous relationship with her son, when she went all black widow on that guy who looked eerily like Jimmy, I didn’t realize what she was actually doing until she stuck that needle in his arm. It all made sense after that and I was really glad I didn’t figure it out sooner or else I would be sitting there questioning my own sanity. The look on the faces of the men when they found out that “Jimmy” was dead was priceless. Her vengeance was even more priceless when she managed to get Gyp Rosetti to blow up Babette’s. Anyone think Nucky may have lost some of his hearing? I saw his ears bleeding, and I read Hunger Games, and this is the conclusion I have come to. Also, RIP Billie Kent. I highly doubt you survived that blast.

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Julia Cuozzo is a grad student at Pace University pursuing a Masters in Publishing. Though the future is uncertain, the one thing she knows is that in August 2013, she will be in Bunol, Spain, throwing tomatoes with some of the best tomato throwers in the world. She is also a huge fan of coffee and finds decaf to be an abomination.

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