Blaudzun: Heavy Flowers

Blaudzun is the stage name of Johannes Sigmond, a musician that has been a very active part of the Netherlands music scene since 2006 and has sold out tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. His latest album, Heavy Flowers, has already been released in the Netherlands and debuted at #4 in the Top 100  (Netherlands). Heavy Flowers remained there for 26 weeks and is set to debut in the US this January.

However, through the magical powers of promotional giveaways and CMJ, we were able to obtain an early copy. So here are the highlights of what you need to know to be ahead of the game and sound worldly without leaving your laptop!

The title track, Heavy Flowers, begins with heavy string instruments typically not used in pop music. The intro has a sound like warped violins that play the same consistent notes throughout the song’s entirety giving it a hauntingly beautiful tone. I could definitely picture this song playing during a dramatic montage in a movie or TV show, like when someone realizes that they have to sacrifice themselves in order to save everyone while someone else runs in slow motion trying to save them.

Track 1, Flame on my Head, sounds like the perfect song to listen to during my morning commute through Manhattan to get to our fabulous Brooklyn office. It starts off light, but not slow. The tempo is enough to keep you moving without being obnoxious because, I am not one who enjoys pumping her fist first thing in the morning.

Track 2 is Elephants, and It is by far my favorite track on the album. [Editors' Note: Mine too!] I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the jaunty nature of the la la las, or the introduction of brass instruments into the music, but this song is definitely one of the songs most likely to get stuck in your head. It is also the first single available in the US on iTunes.[Me again: listen to it, YouTube it, buy it, it is beautiful.]

Track 7, Who Took the Wheel, kind of has an instrumental nature that reminds me of a cross between a hippie infused Vietnam protest from the 60′s and a She & Him album. I think it’s pretty good, personally. Track 8, Monday, has the best line on the album, “You will get high on your lows / that’s the joy of trampolines,” as that line really expresses Monday better than it has been expressed in decades. The notes are high, but the tone is melancholic.

Overall, this album has a very Indie feel to it with a haunting vibe that is absolutely perfect for it’s pending winter release. It’s not something you listen to when everything is bright and peppy. It’s much more mellow and thought provoking. If you get the chance, check it out!

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