It’s the Beatles, Man!

On this rainy Tuesday morning in NYC, we decided to brave the elements to check out one of the latest trends in retail: pop up shops! This particular pop up shop was well worth the half-hour wait as it was all about the Beatles. Think about it; would you pick a cold, sad, and dreary outside world? Or the ultimate Beatles shopping experience in an awesomely lit, warm and cozy bus? 

The double-decker bus was customized in Beatles decor, with the interior allowing you to ignore the hustle and bustle of 49th street and get lost in the nostalgia. The vinyls were spinning, playing every Beatles hit while shoppers decided what they were going to purchase in order to get the free t-shirt that came with any purchase amounting to $60 or more. Items for sale included remastered LPs ( I love the sound of vinyl) that went for $20, $30 for double LPs, Yellow Submarine plush toys (which sold out in front of my eyes, even the display!),  $249 for a USB Box set, (which I thought was the coolest thing there. It was in the shape of an apple and had all of the Beatles songs ready to just plug into my laptop and go… it was really hard to let that one go.) and, of course, the big Kahuna: A $349 complete box set of Beatles LPs.

As I ended my shopping experience, I overheard one customer say “It’s the Beatles, man!” and I thought, “Valid point. I wouldn’t go shopping on a strange bus for anyone else.”

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