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Apollo Run, Here Be Dragons Volume III Album Review

[Editor's Note: Let me just preface this by saying we LOVED meeting Apollo Run at CMJ. These guys we're awesome and you will definitely be able to tell that from our interview with them that will be coming out later today!]

In the release of their debut LP, Here Be Dragons Vol: III, the band Apollo Run have a unique sound. Lets say The Dear Hunter and Muse had a child; it would be Apollo Run in a musical sense. Apollo Run’s members are:

 John McGrew – Lead vocals, piano, guitar, trumpet;

Jeff Kerestes – Bass, guitar, backing vocals

Graham Fisk – Drums, backing vocals

Featured in this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, they put on a unforgettable performance, where they bring audiences excited and entertained with their passionate and energetic energy is seen and heard throughout the entire show.

This 11-track album was very different than other bands I have been listening to lately. The first three songs of the album are very fun and the clash of sounds of the piano, trumpet, and drums made the sound so upbeat with that indie rock influence tied into it. Although, the rest of the tracks show Apollo Run’s indie rock side way more and takes on a slower tempo towards the end of the album.

My favorite song from, Here Be Dragons Vol: III album is the first track called, The Inevitable Small Rebellions, which remind me of the band, Muse a lot although it has Apollo Run’s unique sound of various use of instruments such as the trumpet and piano tied in to the lively and fast-paced sound of the song.  The song Desire, demonstrated another example of a bubbly and brisk tempo. But let’s not get carried away here, I did mention that Apollo Run has a similar sound to The Dear Hunter. If you really want to get a feel of what Apollo Run is all about before committed to listening to their entire album, make sure you download the song Vertigo. It has a slower-paced tempo with a chill use of instrumentals tied into the lyrics.

Apollo Run should not be a band to over look. They are very consistent and cohesive, which is demonstrated in Here Be Dragons: Vol III. They deserve far more attention. So let this review start the trend that Apollo Run is an awesome band that everyone should listen to!

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