American Horror Story, you never cease to surprise us!

I have to admit that I am not one for scary movies. I have never liked them. That’s right. I am the girl who gets scared off by her own shadow.  Scariest movies of all time? I wouldn’t know, I have never watched them. The exorcist? I watched that movie my freshman of college, surrounded by about 10 other kids. So…not so scary. 

When the buzz for American Horror Story started, I was more than reluctant to give into pressure and watch the show, but the sky-high reviews that it got from the media and my friends only made me that much more hesitant. To be honest, it sounded ridiculous at first since I thought the title pretty much gave it away but the moment I succumbed to the pressure and watched the first episode of the first season, I knew from that moment on that life, as I knew it, was going change.

The first season was unexpected, and thrilling. It included a thousand and one mundane things that only Ryan Murphy could twist into being so ill fated and horrific. With the release of the first season, which aired in October of 2011, almost a year and a month ago from today, this series has moved onto it’s second season “American Horror Story: Asylum” which is said to be as successful, if not more successful than it’s preceding season. Featuring people such as Jessica Lange, Evan Peters – recurring characters from the last seasons – as well as international pop stars such as, Adam Levine.

Although this second season isn’t over yet, still with a couple of more episodes to go, AHS fanatics are looking forward to the next seasons. Considering the mind-blowing stories that have already been played out, where else could this show go from here? All right American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy, I’m ready. Surprise me.

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