Afternoon Pick Me Up: Scare Prank Goes Wrong

The only people that don’t like pranks are those that are getting pranked. Even that’s pushing it, cause those that are getting pranked usually have a great laugh after realizing that they’re getting pranked. Well, today’s pick me upfalls in the top 5 epic fails list. Usually, the pranker has the laugh in the beginning and at the end of the prank, this time … never mind. Enjoy this Ebaum’s World Classic.

I know it’s ugly out, well at least in the NYC area, but that doesn’t stop me from saying Have a beautiful day my equally beautiful readers!


My cousin has been spamming the hell out of my Facebook timeline with his newest TMNT vintage action figures that he bought on eBay, for a ridiculous amount of money by the way. Am I complaining? Yes. Needless to say I’m jealous, but at least I have the skins!


If you haven’t caught on yet, despite that I usually use iPhone skins, we have hundreds of other devices. Visit the Musicskins website to find yours, or just click the photo!

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