Afternoon Pick Me Up: iSlap with the iPad

iSlap with the iPad – self explanatory. Oh sibling rivalry. A few things are for certain when you have a brother or sister: they’ll always have your back, they’ll forever love you (I hope), and fights are regular. Me and my sister are five years apart, and I remember her throwing a remote straight at my head, busting my forehead open. Until this day, it’s the only fight I’ve lost – pretty good record huh? Anyway, from the looks of today’s Afternoon Pick Me Up, the one reading from the book is slightly jealous of the one with the iPad. Maybe he’s annoying him cause he wants the iPad, I honestly don’t know. But the outcome of multiple shoving, resulted in … nevermind. Just watch the video!

Enjoy your Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, and the rest of your weekend my beautiful and intelligent readers.


My little sister is in the early years of high school, so she was a baby when this movie came out. A couple nights ago Old School was on VH1, and she enjoyably watched me laugh at Will Ferrel, she had no clue why. I thoroughly explained her to why Old School is simply one of my favorites, and by the end of the film she too was dying of laughter. With that said, I should definitely get the big brother award for introducing a classic comedy to the newer generation!

LMAO. Click on the image for skins!

I mean maybe if you hit your brother with an iPad and the iPad had an Old School skin, it would be somewhat funny.

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