Adam Levine Takes the Stage on SNL

adam-levine-snl---h-2013The moment we think the whole world has waited for–Adam Levine finally hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and what a show it was. What a show it was. Levine did the usual opening monologue like all hosts do, but his had a few guest stars in the hilarious speech. Andy Sandberg, Cameron Diaz, & Jerry Seinfeld helped out ‘The Voice’ star by parodying the same show that has made Adam Levine a household name.

Sandberg parodied Cee Lo Green by wearing a silk robe because every great “pimp” should have one. And Diaz parodied Coach Christina by wearing a white blazer and an outrageous hat. Nice one, Cameron. Both judges were urging Levine to join their team to teach him the ways of comedy, but before he did, he had to take his shirt off. Seinfeld told Adam don’t take the shirt off because Jews shouldn’t rub it in other people’s faces how far ahead they are than others. Naturally, the monologue ended with Levine and his shirt off. We can’t complain.

SNL took on Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, with an imagined conversation between the President (Jay Pharaoh) and a ghostly version of Dr. Martin Luther King (Keenan Thompson.) However, it wasn’t your average conversation between two historic figures. Rather than talk about politics or even civil rights, MLK wanted to discuss Beyoncé and her sexiness and Michelle Obama’s bangs. We also can’t complain about this conversation.

But let’s get down to what people will probably be talking about for weeks to come, and what will be the number one video on YouTube a month from now–”YOLO.” Adam Levine, The Lonely Island, & Kendrick Lamar (musical guest) made a digital short parodying the phrase by living life only once, so live it cautiously. The song is for sale on iTunes.

You ever wonder what it was like before The Sopranos? Well, now you don’t have to. Last weekend, SNL also did a parody of what a show would be like if there was a prequel to The Sopranos (Obviously, an ode to the CW’s The Carrie Diaries.) Basically, it was what problems would the Mafiosos have in high school.

Levine’s good looks and charm went into high gear when SNL did a parody of the show Catfish. Levine somehow manages to make the audience think about how ridiculous this show actually is.

Finally, Adam Levine gets to feel a little more at home in this sketch where bands are more like gangs and have their own territory. Think West Side Story meets the MTV Music Awards mixed with a little bit of RockBand. When Train singer Patrick Monahan (Taran Killam) walks into Levine’s turf, things get heated. Things get even crazier when hipster Jason Mraz (Jason Sudeikis) comes into the scene. The sketch ends with “bad boy” John Mayer (Bill Hader) showing up.

Levine was cool and confident on the latest episode of SNL. He managed to get a laugh most of the time, which is a feat in itself because some of the writing on the show has become lackluster. ‘The Voice’ Coach was good, but not great.

Final grade for Adam Levine on SNL: B

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Maroon 5 Laptop skin

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