30th Anniversary of The Beatles’ UK LP release of the 20 Greatest Hits

That’s right, 30 years today The Beatles released their 20 Greatest Hits album in the UK. As for the US version of the Greatest Hits album, was released just 8 days before the UK version. So sit back, relax and relive The Beatles by listening to their hits such as, “Help!”, “All You Need is Love“, “Love Me Do“, and my personal favorite, “Hey Jude“.

Now you would think that the Greatest Hits album by the Beatles would be the same version in every country, think again! Did you know “Hey Jude” was edited in some countries, including the U.S., by cropping off two minutes of the original version?! How cruel, but apparently it was done because of time constraints so all the songs will be accessible on each CD/cassette/vinyl. In other countries such as Australia renamed this album as The Number Ones. Weird isn’t it?

The order of the songs are even different in each version of the Greatest Hits album. For example, “Love Me Do” is the first song in the UK and European version, although the US version would have “She Loves You” as the first song of their Greatest Hits album. There must be an explanation for all these little differentiations, but for now instead of questioning this and that, place your vinyl, CD, or even cassette (remember those?!) of the Beatles Greatest Hits album and enjoy what makes The Beatles absolutely amazing up to this day.

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